miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

HVN010: Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters Remixes

A. Cheaters (Original Mix)
B1. Cheaters (John Talabot Classic Vocal Refix)
B2. Cheaters (Beautiful Swimmers' Shoulda Known Remix)

Limited 12" green marbled vinyl
Release Date: April 2011
Courtesy of True Panther Sounds and Merok

HVN010 Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters Remixes by Hivern Disc

When Delorean toured with Teengirl Fantasy last spring they told us about a song that had really blown them away. When they shared it with us we understood why. It was called “Cheaters” and sounded like an instant classic. Very different to the trademark psychedelic jams of the duo, the song was homage to classic Chicago House from a modern perspective. Builded around layers of blissful synths and borrowing the vocals of First Committee's “Cheaters Never Win”, it had that kind of energy that we sometimes miss in contemporary dance music.

Later that summer, John Talabot visited New York and became aware that the track was going to be released by True Panther Sounds only as part of the album “7AM”. Something sparked inside us. We felt it was not fair that such an incredible track had to share it's vinyl's grooves with other songs so we thought it would be nice to dedicate a full maxi side to it. After all, the song's roots are found in dance music. Isn't it? So we immediately talked to True Panther to explain them our idea and they quickly agreed that we released it as a 12” single.

Now, some months later, the track has gained an incredible reception both between the public and the press, even being named “song of the year” by FACT Magazine. Maybe it was because it's just a free and honest approach to it, with a DIY spirit that keeps it miles away from the thousands of technical-obsessed soulless tracks that we suffer day after day...or maybe it's simply a glorious song. In any case, it's been proven “Cheaters” is a special song, it's finally time to give it a special release. It's gonna come in a limited edition 12” vinyl, with remixes by Beautiful Swimmers and John Talabot to whom we already thank for accepting he arduous task of remixing a perfect track. We would also like to thank Dean and everyone at True Panther for giving us the chance of releasing such an amazing song. We are incredibly excited and proud about it. We just hope you share the feeling.

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Andrés dijo...

Jodó, esto está fetén!

Andrés dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...

G-L-O-R-I-A en el remix de Talabot

Jovihu dijo...

està genial!!Els tracks, el so que heu aconseguit i...el diseny del disc!!!(Genial!)

On fan aquesta meravella de discos?Seguiu així de forts amb el segell!!


Anónimo dijo...

quizás era demasiado bueno para ser remezclado...

crises dijo...

Oh, yo quiero uno!! ¿Dónde lo puedo comprar en BCN? :D

Stainboy dijo...

próximamente en discos paradiso y cd drome