viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Novedades Talabotianas

Según parece Permanent Vacation ya tiene lista la primera referencia de John Talabot. Titulada My Old School en homenaje a su escuela primaria, el 12" está teniendo muy buena acogida y ya está siendo pinchada por deejays y productores de la talla de James Murphy (Lcd Soundsystem), Aeroplane (Eskimo), Ame (Innervisions), Prins Thomas, Still Going, Marcus Worgull, Trickski, Pilooski, Chateau Flight y James Holden.
El disco que saldrá a la venta el 24 de Abril es el primer maxi que John Talabot editará en Permanent Vacation al que le seguirán algunos más, hasta editar un album, aún sin fecha de salida.
Justamente ayer el superblog Alainfinkielktrautrock, destacó el tema Naomi y lo puso para descargar a 128kbps.
Y seguirán más noticias en breve.

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..borrowing his school's name for his alias and the most diverse samples for his music, john talabot produces expansive and iconoclastic housey tracks. his influences range from flamenco to northern soul, from african music to traditional asian songs and he's inspiration sources go from the profound and sensual house of moodyman and labels such as sound signature or kdj to disco music, chicago house, pop or techno, whatever he likes this young producer and tireless musical tracker has the ability not just to find the appropriate samples but also to conjugate them wisely. in a great exercise of sonic inventiveness, guitars, strings and keyboards are combined in his tracks with rhythms and vocals with african reminiscences, to give us his own vision of house music, original and personal, but yet very effective. cliche-allergic, songs like 'naomi', 'korlee' or 'afrika' sound cosmic and tremendously emotional without losing sight of the dance floor (that's what we call fat beats). his tracks are organic, human, full of life, the kind of music that keeps not only your foot moving but also your heart tingling...

rough trade shop Pre-Release (Expected on 27/04/2009)

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Stainboy dijo...

ese texto me suena ejeje
viva john!!

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ahi esta fran ahi está.gracias tito, a ver siposteas algo gañanini